The Calvinism Files

calvin2Calvinism is a powerful force: historically, theologically, and even (in our own day) culturally. According to Time Magazine, it is “Evangelicalism’s latest success story.” Nevertheless, in this series of seven posts, Rich Davis recommends caution. Calvinism is beset by deep and apparently intractable problems. It presents us with a picture of the world in which (1) God is the cause of sin, while human agents are absolved of evil; and (2) God’s (irresistible) grace is showered upon the elect alone, leaving us not only with a God who is seemingly unfair, but also a gospel that isn’t good news.

1.  How Calvinism Makes Choice Impossible [ link ]

2.  How Calvinism Makes God the Author of Sin [ link ]

3.  How Calvinism Makes the Good News No News [ link ]

4.  How Calvinism Makes God Arbitrary or Unjust [ link ]

5.  Clary’s 10 Concerns [ link ]

6.  On Carter’s Calvinism [ link ]

7.  Carter’s Calvinism — Once More [ Link ]