L-to-R: Dr. Rich Davis, Dr. Paul Franks, and Dr. Michael Behe (Tyndale, Nov ’12)

Every Thought Captive is the official blog of the Tyndale Philosophy Department, featuring in-depth critical analysis of the key philosophical and theological issues of our day by Profs. Rich Davis and Paul Franks (@WPaul).

Their scholarly collaborations include ‘Counterpossibles and the “Terrible” Divine Command Deity‘ (Religious Studies, 2014), ‘What Place, then, for Rational Apologetics?’ (in Loving God with Your Mind: Essays in Honor of JP Moreland, Moody Press, 2014), ‘Against a Postmodern Pentecostal Epistemology‘ (Philosophia Christi, 2013), and ‘Layman’s Lapse: On an Incomplete Moral Argument for Theism’ (Philo, 2013).