Top Ten Posts of 2014

2014bIt’s been a great year at ‘Every Thought Captive’. Here’s a list of the ten most popular posts from 2014 (in reverse order). Thanks for following us. We so appreciate your kind encouragement and support. Many more thoughts to take captive for Christ in 2015. Stay tuned! Continue reading


Fall 2014 Update

updateDear Philosophy Majors and Friends,

Welcome back to a new year at Tyndale! I hope you all had wonderful, relaxing, and prosperous summers, and that you’re now eager to return to the world of academic philosophy, where despite the opinions of many Jesus nevertheless reigns over all (cf. Col. 1:15-17).

Let me quickly bring you up to speed on things around our department. Continue reading

Congrats to Paul Franks: Associate Professor & Research Fellow (!)

smallWithout a doubt, this has been a banner year for my friend and colleague, Dr. Paul Franks. At the university graduation on May 10, it was announced that Paul had been promoted to the rank of ‘Associate Professor’ with tenure. This is perhaps the greatest milestone in the career of any academic. Very few of those who obtain a PhD degree (which is itself a slim minority) ever reach this point. Continue reading