Dr. Paul Franks speaking at the Evangelical Philosophical Society (Baltimore, Nov ’13)

Drs. Franks and Davis are frequent speakers at conferences in Canada, the US, and the UK. Click on the links below to view some of their talks online.

1. “Counterpossibles and the ‘Terrible’ Divine Command Deity.” Talk given at Ryerson University (Dec 18, 2013) to the Toronto Philosophy of Religion Work-In-Progress Group. [ video ]

2. “Theism and the Counterpossible Consensus.” Talk given to the Ryerson Department of Philosophy, Invited Speakers Series (Mar 11, 2014). [ video ]

In addition, Franks and Davis have spoken at meetings of the following scholarly groups:



Dr. Rich Davis giving an invited talk at Ryerson University (Mar ’14)

American Catholic Philosophical Association
American Philosophical Association
Canadian Philosophical Association
Evangelical Philosophical Society
Evangelical Theological Society (Ontario/Quebec)
Ontario Philosophical Association
Religious Studies at 50
Society of Christian Philosophers
Society of Pentecostal Studies
Hawaii International Conference on the Arts


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