Profs. Davis and Franks welcome thoughtful and considerate replies to their posts with the understanding that your comment may or may not be posted. Posted comments do not always receive a reply. The absence of a reply, however, does not mean that your comment hasn’t been read, or that its merits haven’t been fully appreciated.

Due to their busy schedules, Dr. Davis and Dr. Franks have adopted the policy (unlike many blogs) of selectively posting and selectively responding to only those comments they judge to be genuinely interesting and of good quality. In addition, no comment will be posted unless it meets the following general conditions:

  1. Your comment must be edifying even if it poses a criticism or challenge.
  2. Your comment cannot be:
    • excessively wordy (aim for 300 words or less)
    • pompous or dogmatic
    • off-topic from a post’s focus
    • disrespectful, harsh, or inappropriate in its expression
    • characterized by ad hominem, guilt-by-association, or conspiratorial reasoning
    • a follow-up comment that fails to advance the discussion in a significant way (we rarely post more than one or two follow-ups in any case)

In short, comments go through a review process; they must earn the right to be posted. We are looking for interesting, succinct, quality interactions.

* This policy is strictly enforced. Take care in how you comment with regard to content, length, and tone. The comment ‘window’ on any post is limited. *

(Adapted from JP Moreland’s comment policy)