Bachelor of Arts

Tyndale University offers a four-year BA program consisting of 40 semester-long courses. Students have the opportunity to Major (12 courses) or Minor (8 courses) in Philosophy. We also offer an Honours program in Philosophy (14 courses). (See our 2017-18 Program Sheet and our Quick Facts.) Students round out their program with a diverse array of courses in other areas, including biblical studies, theology, natural and social sciences, languages, and fine arts.

Graduates from these programs are taught the critical, analytical skills to engage in problem-solving thinking that gives them a competitive edge in a variety of educational and professional contexts. For example, 50 of our graduates have gone on to do Masters, PhD, and Law programs (see here).

For information about applying to this program, visit Admissions.
For information about degree requirements, see the Academic Calendar.
 For information on our new Concentration in Christian Apologetics, go here.
For information about what a philosophy degree can do for you, see our “Why Philosophy?” page.

Should I Apply?

You should seriously consider this program, if your desire is to study, work, or minister in an environment in which the ability to think critically and problem solve would be a invaluable asset. Possible areas of service include:

Graduate work in philosophy, law or theology, leading to teaching or research.
Law, government, management/consulting, or journalism.
Teaching in a public or private school setting.
Leadership in an apologetics or para-church organization (e.g., Power to Change, Navigators, Ratio Christi).
Leadership in the local church (pastoring or lay leadership).

Who Will I Study With?

Professors who are:

Recipients of the Ph.D. degree in philosophy from nationally ranked universities: the University of Toronto [dissertation] and the University of Oklahoma [dissertation].
 Professional philosophers active in speaking and presenting papers at academic conferences. See here, here and here.
Published authors with articles in leading academic journals such as Australasian Journal of Philosophy, International Philosophical Quarterly, Axiomathes, Heythrop Journal, Religious Studies, American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly, Sophia, Philo, The Journal of Medicine and Philosophy, Philosophia Christi, Metaphysica, and The Modern Schoolman.
Editors of books such as Explaining Evil (Bloomsbury, 2019), Four Views on Christianity and Philosophy (Zondervan, 2016), Loving God with Your Mind (Moody, 2014), and Alice in Wonderland and Philosophy (Wiley-Blackwell, 2010).
 Invited guest speakers on topics of spiritual and cultural concern (e.g., faith and vocation, science & religion, abortion, euthanasia, apologetics). See here and here.
 Christian thought leaders committed to the project of integrating philosophy with a robust evangelical Christianity. See their many blog posts here.