Top Ten Posts of 2014

2014bIt’s been a great year at ‘Every Thought Captive’. Here’s a list of the ten most popular posts from 2014 (in reverse order). Thanks for following us. We so appreciate your kind encouragement and support. Many more thoughts to take captive for Christ in 2015. Stay tuned!

 We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ” (2 Corinthians 10:5)

10.  Fitch’s Case Against Apologetics – “Postmodern theologian David Fitch tries to show that the evidential apologetics of Josh McDowell, Lee Strobel, and Creation Science hurts the church. Rich Davis points out the logical problems in Fitch’s case.”

9.  Adam, Eve and…Olena – “Philosophy professor Douglas Olena (Evangel University) claims that our article “Adam, Eve, and the Gospel” (Enrichment Magazine, Winter ’14) commits “logical gaffs” and ultimately “cooks up” the case for a historically real, original human pair: Adam and Eve. We show that Olena’s critique contradicts Jesus’ teaching about Adam and Eve in Mark 10.”

8.  The “Faith” of Peter Rollins – “Author and post-structuralist thinker, Peter Rollins, has a reputation for overturning traditional notions of religion. His blog claims that faith has nothing whatever to do with belief. Rich Davis argues that Rollins-faith is no less a product of Rollins imagination than is Mark Twain’s idiosyncratic construction.”

7.  A More Serious Approach to Integration – “In this important post, Paul Franks illustrates how Christian academics often falter in their doctrinal commitments because they overlook (or are simply unaware of) the necessity of conceptual integration: unifying our biblical and theological beliefs with reasonable ideas from our discipline.”

6.  Lamoureux on the Historical Adam – “Denis Lamoureux, Associate Professor of Science and Religion at Saint Joseph’s College (U Alberta) claims that ‘Adam never existed, and this has no impact whatsoever on the foundational beliefs of Christianity’. Rich Davis shows what a theological disaster the ‘No Adam’ position amounts to.”

5.  The Perils of ‘Pop’ Philosophy – “Paul Franks nicely demonstrates that the unwillingness of Christian apologetics to critique one another’s bad philosophy, or to correct each other’s misrepresentations, winds up diminishing the good work that many are actually doing.”

4.  Donald Miller’s Evangelical “Anomalies” – “Using bits from Thomas Kuhn’s philosophy of science, Donald Miller, author of Blue Like Jazz, tries to indict conservative theologians for throwing out anomalies that threaten their pardigms. Rich Davis examines two of Miller’s alleged anomalies, concluding that we need a new kind of Christianity only if we are faced with ‘real anomalies and genuine intellectual threats’ (as opposed to open-ended, unanswered questions). Nothing that Miller says tips the scales.”

3.  A Response to James KA Smith, by Eduardo Echeverria – “Catholic philosopher, Dr. Eduardo Echeverria, rebuts James KA Smith’s blog response to his critique of Smith’s latest book Who’s Afraid of Relativism.”

2.  Alister McGrath, Adam, and the Great Apostle – “Oxford professor Alister McGrath contends that Adam and Eve are stereotypical or symbolic individuals. ‘They encapsulate the human race as a whole’. Rich Davis sets out the logic of Paul’s reasoning in Romans 5:12, and shows how McGrath’s symbolic treatment of Adam would render Paul’s entire argument unsound.”

1.  Congrats to Paul Franks: Associate Professor & Research Fellow – “A tribute to Tyndale Philosophy’s Dr. Paul Franks on the occasion of his promotion (with tenure) to Associate Professor, and his appointment as a Templeton Research Fellow at Ryerson University.”

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